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How to Find and Order a Replacement Movement for Battery-operated, Quartz Clocks

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The Art of Repivoting. Ansonia "Triumph" Mant. Watch Keys. Watch Mainsprings. Watch Movements. Watch Supplies.Here you will find the most comprehensive line of battery operated quartz and electric clock movements MVT on the market today.

We believe that when laying out your do it yourself project you should have a number of options so that your project can contain all the parts you need. In addition to containing the most reliable, accurate and popular motors we have a number of very specific purpose motors for time, weather and trigger applications.

All are powered by AA battery or C cell battery. Additionally we can easily convert to electric power by adding our battery to electric converter. This converter allows you to have the best of both, electric power and battery backup. Our line of mini quartz motor kits are perfect when space is a priority. The weather MVT is an interesting category. The tide MVT have a hand that will make one revolution every 24 hours and 50 minutes. Our Specialty MVT kits section is truly unique. It includes reverse time for Barbershop Clocksmechanism that show the day of the week, motors that operate on 24 hour military time, calendar mechanisms that show the time and date, clock, trigger mechanism that cause a device to chime on the hour and our rotary pendulum mechanism.

Our selection of MVMT kits or mechanisms is second to none. We also offer the widest selection of American made parts available anywhere. You will also find the largest selection of high torque MVT anywhere.

These MVT are used when operating clock hands that are over 7 inches long. Many wood workers are building large wall clocks and the high torque auto set MVT is a key element of those projects.

It will automatically adjust for the spring and fall time changes and drive large hands. Visit high torque clock movement to see our wide selection. Auto Set Movements have taken the world by storm. We have a US version and well as a world version. Imagine not having to get out a ladder to change the time twice a year on a large wall clock high up on your wall! Clock Parts chime MVT are a popular option, and we have a great selection.

We go from basic Westminster Chimes that sound on the hour with an hour count, to our Quad chime offering 4 different chime choices with a volume control and the option of a Night Strike Silencing option.

This is an outstanding selection we have, the best in the industry.

replacement clock movement

We even have MVT that will allow you to record 10 seconds of whatever sound you would like. Pretty amazing. We have a great selection of C cell standard MVT in both regular and pendulum models. These are perfect for applications when changing batteries is problematic. C cell movements have the longest battery life of all of our mechanisms and can last for several years if an alkaline battery is used.

They are also good for use with hands between 5 and 7 inches, when you need a little extra power but not high torque MVT.Happy Customer -- Your products were as advertised; was able to use the wheels to finish up the toy cars for the neighbor kids; took the paint and finish without having to seal or prep the wheels.

As a pleasant surprise the shipment came two days early. A satisfied customer -- Karleen Stallard. Fantastic -- Love, love, love the clock hands! Even nicer than I anticipated!! Can't wait to see them on the clock that we made. Will definitely order from this company again. Absolutely Perfect and of high quality! The black outline and the black letters and background are awesome in our kitchen clock.

Great vendor with whom to do business!!!

replacement clock movement

Quiet Please! This is so awesome! I replaced 5 clock motors throughout my house and all the ticking clatter is GONE! Peace and quiet! The service and shipping cost was excellent!

replacement clock movement

Definitely would recommend this company- fast and fair! Most are USA Made. Unbeatable Quality and Prices. Over Sizes and Styles of Clock Inserts. Dozens of types of clock motors. Over Sizes and Styles of Clock Hands. We also have a wide selection of Clock Dials and Clock Hands. We love serving schools, small and medium-sized businesses - all customers are welcome!

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replacement clock movement

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Email address.These units run on either one C cell battery or one AA battery. Chiming quartz movements that play Westminster or other chime options. Some have an ANSO feature that will not play at night. Spring driven clocks wind up with a clock key. These new units are brand new, costs less than a overhaul, and ships immediately. Mechanical German made weight driven clock movements are brand new and ships immediately.

These quality units are factory lubricated and brand new. Putting a cuckoo clock back in working order starts with these web pages of parts, tools, movements. We offer bellow tops needed and cuckoo clock oil also. Anniversary clocks are also called day clocks because they are usually wound once a year on a holiday such as an anniversary. Yes we have the suspension springs. Electric clock movements are sometimes hard to get or even to figure out what one is needed.

We offer the most common electric clock motors on the market. These are complete clocks that fit into a hole. It is the easiest of the clock making hobby as all you have to do it have a hole in something to make a clock out of it. Weight Driven Clocks.

Electric Clock Motors. Building a Clock From mini quartz clock movements to large mechanical grandfather clock kits, we have the clock parts and supplies available for your projects. Read More.

Motors & Movements

Read More If you have a certain clock you would like to duplicate, please email some pictures to us of your idealistic clock and we can guide you through the clock parts needed. With our 80 years of combined experience we can offer support if needed to help your clock projects success. Read More Offering quartz or mechanical clock movements to replace old units, or to repair the old movement with our parts and tools. There is phone, chat, or email support to help you through replacing your quartz or mechanical clock movement.

Shop By Brand.Michael Gainey's. Master Clock Repair. Columbus, Ohio. Below is a description of the many steps involved in the restoration of an antique American clock movement. For the most part the same steps will apply to almost any type of clock.

I chose this clock movement as an example because it is the most common movement that most repair shops will encounter. All repairmen will clean and bush the clock mechanism, but many of them will leave out some of the finer details necessary for a proper repair. Leaving out these details allow them to charge less but leaves you with an inferior repair. To avoid making this too long we have not included pictures of every small detail.

If we have overhauled a clock for you in the past, you might find it interesting to know how much effort went into your repair. If you are having it done somewhere else, you might use this information to make sure that you are receiving your money's worth. Antique American Strike Movement. Since I have overhauled many of these clocks it is not necessary to draw a complete diagram of the movement but it is necessary to note the areas on paper which will require a bushing.

The dots indicate the bearing surfaces. The arrows indicate those bearing surfaces which are worn badly. The direction the arrow points is an aid to help me maintain the bearing surfaces original center when installing the bushing. If this is not done the gearing will not align and mesh at a proper depth for most efficient operation and may even cause the clock to fail. The curls at the bottom indicate the direction of coil for the mainsprings.

I show this drawing because many repairmen will scratch these notes directly on to the clock permanently marring the surface. The small amount of extra effort this requires is worthwhile because it helps to preserve the plates. Disassembly of Movement. After releasing the wound mainsprings using a let down key and mainspring clamps the clock is disassembled. Not including the nuts that hold the movement together there are 26 parts which make up the clock movement.

Each of these parts will receive special attention before the job is complete. A quick examination of each part is made looking for bent teeth or arbors, badly worn pinions etc.

Ultrasonic Cleaning. The parts are then put into a wire mesh basket and submerged into the ultrasonic cleaning tank. This picture below shows the ultrasonic cleaning machine with the lid off. It is difficult to see here but the chemical degreaser is being agitated by ultrasonic sound waves. This process is called cavitation. The sound waves create millions of tiny bubbles which implode on the surfaces of the pieces being cleaned.Please view these information tabs to determine the Identification of the Mechanical Clock Movement.

To get anything for a clock movement from Clockworks we first need to identify the mechanical clock movement. This is done by decoding the identification markings on the back plate of the movement itself. By knowing what the movement is, it can be replaced with a new mechanical clock movement. Purchase parts such as a pendulum. It is very difficult to provide a pendulum or a dial to a movement without knowing what it is.

The movement alone is what we need to identify. Once the identity is known, it is easy to know what other parts compliment that movement. The markings on the clock movement itself is what we need. In essence, the movement number is the DNA of the clock when it comes to Identifying a mechanical clock movement.

It tells us all the information about the movement. All of the parts work together, so with the movement number we can recommend other parts. The paperwork or manuals that come with the clock upon purchasing does us no good. It has no bearing in the identification process. Neither does any of the stickers on the clock case.

The reason being the clock case maker is not the same as the movement maker usually. In a typical modern post WW2 clock, such as a grandfather clock, it is possible to have a different maker for each of the components. In other words, the dial can be by one maker and the pendulum by another. The identity of the clock movement itself is what needs to be known in order to get a replacement. This is true for any of the other items such as the dial. So the identification is all about the clock movement only.

The country of origin will eliminate many possibilities for the manufacturer of the movement. Look at the back plate of the movement.

How to Replace a Clock Movement

If the mechanical movement has a stamp of Germany, the availability for a replacement is quite high and we can help with a new one. Thus, if the clock was made after WW2 and is not a 31 day then it is most likely German. If the clock is made in any other country besides Germany things are not as easy.

If the movement has a stamp from another country, please email pictures of the movement.

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